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Hello, my name is Trinity Bernard. Welcome to my site about pet care and training. When I acquired my first pet, I was determined to train him to do all of my favorite tricks. The only problem was that he was a very lazy cat. By using clicker training and high reward treats, I was able to convince him to sit up pretty, jump through hoops and much more. I have successfully used this training technique with many other animals through the years. I will help you approach this process with ease by updating this site with pet care and training content. Please feel free to come back again soon.


Child Asking For A Dog? Get Them A Bearded Dragon To See If They Are Ready

15 September 2017
 Categories: Pets & Animals, Blog

If your child is asking for a dog and you are not sure if they will take good care of it, get them a bearded dragon first. A bearded dragon is a reptile and they do require care. If you see your child takes care of their bearded dragon well, they will likely take good care of a dog. Below is some information about a bearded dragon and how to care for one to help you decide if you want to get one for your child. Read More …