Child Asking For A Dog? Get Them A Bearded Dragon To See If They Are Ready

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Child Asking For A Dog? Get Them A Bearded Dragon To See If They Are Ready

15 September 2017
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If your child is asking for a dog and you are not sure if they will take good care of it, get them a bearded dragon first. A bearded dragon is a reptile and they do require care. If you see your child takes care of their bearded dragon well, they will likely take good care of a dog. Below is some information about a bearded dragon and how to care for one to help you decide if you want to get one for your child.

Bearded Dragon

A bearded dragon is a type of lizard and is found to be a good pet. This reptile is known for being tame and does not mind being held. Your child will have fun watching a bearded dragon chasing crickets around their aquarium. Consider purchasing two dragons and your child will have fun watching them play with each other.

Bearded dragons can live many years if they are taken care of. It can grow up to 24 inches in length.  This length does depend on the species of the dragon you purchase.

Take your child to the library and borrow books about these reptiles. They will enjoy learning more about them.

Caring for Bearded Dragon

Purchase a large aquarium to keep your child's bearded dragon in. Even if you purchase a baby it will grow larger and will need more room. If you purchase one or two dragons consider an aquarium that is approximately 75 to 85 gallons.

Place a screen over the top of the aquarium so the dragon can have proper ventilation but not be able to climb out. Put some branches in their aquarium as they love to climb. You can go outside and get these branches on your own or you can purchase them in a pet store.

You need to set up the lighting properly because bearded dragons enjoy it hot. Talk with the salesperson at the pet store where you purchase the bearded dragon and they can help you choose the best lighting. The bearded dragon needs full-spectrum ultraviolet (UVB) lighting. This allows the reptile to get vitamin D, which helps it absorb calcium.

Purchase a thermometer to keep in the aquarium so you can keep an eye on the temperature. The store employee can help you determine what the temperature should be. You can put sand, newspaper, or a reptile carpet on the bottom of the aquarium.

Visit a veterinarian that treats reptiles to learn much more about how to properly take care of them.