3 Questions To Ask A Bengal Cat Breeder

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3 Questions To Ask A Bengal Cat Breeder

21 February 2023
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In general, the Bengal cat breed is a relatively young one. While the first crosses started happening a while ago, it isn't until fairly recently that the breed took the form it is now. Bengal cats are a mix of the Asian leopard cat (a wild breed), the Egyptian Mau, and the Abyssinian (both domestic breeds). Because the breed is not far from a wild species, the Bengal can be very active and energetic. The breed tends to have spots or rosettes like a leopard cat would. If you want a Bengal cat, you need to find a Bengal breeder. When you find a breeder, there are some questions you should ask before you bring a kitten home. Do be aware that the Bengal cat is not legal to own in some cities and states because of its near-wild heritage.

Ask to Meet the Parents

You should ask the breeder if you can meet the kitten's parents. When you meet the parents, you are looking for a few different things. One is to see how healthy the parents are. You are also trying to determine how friendly the parents are and their overall temperament. The parents being friendly and having a good overall temperament doesn't guarantee that the kitten you want has those things, but it makes it more likely that your future kitten will have a friendly nature.

Ask About Socialization

Socializing a kitten means being exposed to people, other animals, and different situations. This process helps make sure that the cat is not going to be upset when they are placed in different situations. It also means that the cat is more likely to be friendly and accepting of new people and situations and isn't overly shy. The socialization of kittens should start very young. The breeder should handle them often and get them used to people.

Ask About Veterinary Treatment

When you are at the breeder's location and looking at the kittens, ask the breeder about the last time the kittens saw a vet. When you are asking about their last vet appointment, you should ask about what vaccinations they have already had. Ask the breeder if you can get the vet's name before you take the kitten home so that you can arrange continuity of care.

The Bengal cat can be a very pretty, friendly, and smart pet. If you want to buy one of these cats, make sure you find an ethical breeder.