English Bulldog Purchase And Transition Tips

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English Bulldog Purchase And Transition Tips

16 November 2022
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The English bulldog is a well-tempered, affectionate breed. An English bulldog will make a loyal companion and may integrate well with other pets within a household. Purchasing a pet should involve seeking a reputable breeder and preparing to transition your pet into your home. 

Breeder Basics

Purchasing a puppy that is registered through the AKC (The American Kennel Club) does not guarantee that an English bulldog will make a quality pet or be eligible to win awards and other recognitions. It is nice to have some insight concerning the bloodline of a puppy. This type of information will be divulged by a reputable breeder who has been raising and selling English bulldogs for some time.

Be aware, however, the pet you ultimately purchase will solely be your responsibility to raise and train. You can make your new bulldog into a decent pet, simply by providing your pet with plenty of attention, seeking medical care for them, and pursuing a training program. Asking questions about the bulldogs that an owner is selling and inquiring about how a breeder got into the puppy-raising business may help you pinpoint whether or not you are dealing with a seller who is responsible and caring about the animals they are selling.

The price you are charged will not be indicative of whether you are purchasing a champion puppy. Do your homework. Find out how much other local dog breeders are selling English bulldogs for. This will help you pinpoint an average price that you can expect to pay for a puppy.

Transitioning Your Puppy

English bulldogs are short in stature and tend to be stocky. This breed is not overly active and may need to consume a regulated diet that will ensure that your puppy does not become overweight. Your care routine should involve exercising your dog frequently. You may also need to take into account that your puppy will likely not be able to climb up on high surfaces. This may lead you toward purchasing your new pet a low-lying bed that they can use throughout their puppyhood and adulthood.

Due to the overbite and smooshed facial features that an English bulldog is noted for, your new pet may breathe loudly when awake and snore often when asleep. If you think that the breathing patterns will be disruptive to your sleep schedule, place your new pet's bed in a room that is adjacent to your bedroom. The bedding area should provide your bulldog with plenty of comfort.

Contact a local breeder, such as R3 Ranch Bullies, to learn more.