What To Look For In A Yorkie Breeder

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What To Look For In A Yorkie Breeder

19 April 2019
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When you have a passion for Yorkshire terriers, either because they're small and cute or you just love their temperaments in general, you want to make sure you buy your puppies from a reputable source. Commonly known as Yorkies, these dogs are popular and can be over-bred as a result to meet high consumer demands.

As such, you want to get your new Yorkie from a reputable source. Here are things you should look for in a breeder when seeking Yorkie puppies for sale.


A Yorkie breeder should have some type of credentials such as breeding awards; memberships to breeder organizations; licensing or degrees in animal husbandry, dog training, or veterinary training; or other types of credentials. The more a breeder takes pride in the things they do, the more likely they are to carry some type of credentials so they can stand out from other breeders.

You also want to have a breeder prove they have experience in what they do, and having credentials and a history of knowledge about dogs in general, safe breeding practices, or Yorkies in particular can help secure your chances of choosing the right breeder for your needs.

Cleanliness and care

You want to choose a breeder who not only keeps a clean facility but who also takes great care of their animals as well. When you visit a breeder — which you should always do prior to making a puppy purchase — take note of the cleanliness of the facility. Does the breeding facility smell of urine or feces or smell strongly of bleach? Or does the environment smell fresh and inviting? Do you see that kennels are clean and have fresh bedding, or are animals being left in their own waste with food and water all over?

When it comes to care, you need to know how the Yorkies and their puppies are socialized. Are the puppies played with or left in kennels for hours on end? Are the parents pets or considered only for breeding purposes? Are breeding kennels indoors or outdoors? Any breeder who takes pride in what they do will be happy to show you their quarters.


Yorkie puppies for sale are often not cheap since these dogs are in demand with a lot of people. You want to choose a breeder who offers a fair price for their puppies based on breeding history and quality of the pups themselves. Choose a breeder who will take refundable deposits so you have time to think even after selecting your pup.