How To Control A Big Dog On A Leash

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How To Control A Big Dog On A Leash

30 October 2018
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One of the first instincts of a dog is to pull against pressure that he or she experiences when you are trying to guide them with a leash. For that reason, it may be very difficult to control a big dog on a leash. However, there are many ways that you can keep your big dog under control.

Be Careful

When your big dog is pulling against a leash, be careful. You can actually cause damage to your dog's neck even if he or she is the one doing the pulling and applying the force. Instead, you will need to train your dog to not pull against the leash.

Keep Treats Ready

Bring your dog's favorite treats with him or her. Rewarding your dog with delicious treats is more effective than punishing your dog for not following your commands when they're on a leash. Teach your dog to heel or to "watch you" -- this is when your dog is supposed to stop and pay attention to you. When they obey, you can reward your dog with a treat. 

Teach Commands

Make sure your dog knows how to sit. When your dog starts pulling against the leash, command him or her to sit. This is an action that is the direct opposite of pulling. Say "uh-oh" or cry out when your dog pulls, so he or she knows that you are in distress. Take another step and see if your dog pulls after the step. If your dog doesn't pull, praise him or her and give them a treat.

Buy the Right Leash

A double-handle dog leash makes it much easier to control a big dog. If you feel that you often lose your grip, make sure to use this type of leash and wrap the leash around your wrist to give yourself a better grip. You should also use a leather leash because it will be less likely to break. Do not use a retractable leash because these have been known to cause injuries even with small dogs. With retractable leashes, some dogs have been able to run ahead despite being on a leash and cause injuries or get hit by a car. For more information about the benefits of using a double-handle leash for your big dog, you can contact companies like A Little Unique.

Be patient and use repetition. It can take a while for a dog to learn a new trick, but once he or she has mastered it, your dog will be more likely to follow your commands for the rest of his or her life.