3 Things To Look For In A Dog Boarding Facility

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3 Things To Look For In A Dog Boarding Facility

22 November 2017
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If you need a place for your dog to stay while you are away during the holidays, then a great place to consider is a dog boarding facility. Dog boarding facilities are located all over the United States, so finding one in your area shouldn't be difficult. The key is to find one that you feel will best meet your dog's needs. When touring different dog boarding facilities, there are specific things that you can look for. Here are three things to look for.

Enclosed Outdoor Area 

It is important that your dog has room to run while he is staying at the dog boarding facility. Many facilities have designated areas outside that the dogs are taken to so that they can run around and exercise. This area is also generally fenced in, which allows the facility to keep the dogs safely inside. As stated, most facilities have this outdoor area, but some do not. To make sure that the dog boarding facility you are considering has this outdoor area, you can go tour it or simply call and ask. This will help you feel confident that your dog is getting the exercise he needs while you are away. 

Private Kennels

Your dog likely has his own space at home and he should have his own space when staying at a dog boarding facility. A high quality dog boarding facility will have a private kennel for each dog that is staying there. This stops fights from breaking out between dogs and gives your dog his own space to relax, sleep, eat, drink, etc. This helps him to feel more comfortable because he won't feel the need to protect his territory. 

Special Needs Services

If you have a dog that has special needs, this makes the importance of finding a good dog boarding facility absolutely crucial. You need to find a specialized facility with skilled employees who can meet your dog's special needs, whether it be shots, pills, specialized meals, help with getting around, etc. This type of facility will follow your instructions carefully and will contact you regularly to let you know how your dog is doing. This allows you to relax when you are away because your dog is in good hands. 

Choosing a dog boarding facility that has a large, enclosed area for your dog to run, private kennels, and special needs services for dog's with any type of disabilities can make a huge difference and allow for a good experience for both you and your dog.