Keeping Your Dog At A Kennel Overnight For The First Time? 3 Tips To Make It Easier

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Keeping Your Dog At A Kennel Overnight For The First Time? 3 Tips To Make It Easier

26 September 2017
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If you've never kept your dog at a boarding kennel before, you may be feeling uncertain about leaving them for such a long period of time. If their first stay is going to be only for one night, there are a number of things that you can look for to ensure that your dog is comfortable while staying at a kennel. The following tips can all help you feel good about keeping your dog at a kennel without the fear that is often associated with kennel stays.

Find a Kennel That Can Exercise Your Dog

One of the best ways to ensure that your dog is comfortable while staying at a boarding kennel is simply look for ones that offer exercise opportunities. This could mean anything from a group playdate with other dogs to kennels that can walk your dog. Making sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise can ensure that they'll be able to sleep soundly at night and won't be as afraid when staying at a kennel for the first time. When you begin looking into different kennels that are available, it's best to prioritize ones that provide for exercise for your dog without being extremely expensive since this can often deter you from choosing a specific kennel.

Look for Kennels with Webcams to View

If you're nervous about your dog staying at a kennel because you're used to being able to keep an eye on them, it might be useful for you to find kennels that have webcams that you'll be able to view from home or wherever you're staying. Many kennels offer webcams that are even accessible via mobile phone, allowing you to check in on your dog while they're staying at a kennel. This can help provide you with some peace of mind and reassure you if you're typically not away from your dog.

Check If You Can Bring Items With Your Dog

One way that you can make your dog more comfortable when staying at a kennel for the first time is bringing personal items that your dog is used to. Many kennels have rules over this sort of thing, so it's a good idea to ask about whether or not you can bring items such as your dog's bed, toys, or some blankets. Asking about whether personal items can be brought can help you feel better about your choice of a kennel and ensure that your dog feels safe since their items will have your familiar scent.

Being patient as you check out different kennels that are available for your dog to stay at can go a long way towards ensuring that your dog is happy and that you won't be too nervous. For more information, contact companies like Animal Care Center of Forest Park