How Grooming Can Take Your Dog's Appearance To The Next Level For Competitions

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How Grooming Can Take Your Dog's Appearance To The Next Level For Competitions

20 September 2017
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Dog shows bring out people from all walks of life and are very entertaining. They are filled with unknown rules, unusual looking puppies and tradition. If you want your dog to win competitions, then your pet's appearance will play a major role. Read on to find out how grooming can take your dog's appearance to the next level for competitions.

Make A Name For Your Pet

Major dog shows are run by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Westminster Kennel Club (WKC). These shows allow the public to see how the best-looking purebred dogs stand out from the crowd. However, it takes a lot of hard work for a show dog to become a champion. Your dog does not start out doing competitions with AKC and WKC.

New dogs must start with smaller shows. These shows allow them to compete against dogs of the same gender and breed. You should start your pet early. The winners of these shows are usually puppies. They go from this level to competing for the best of their breed and competing against the best of the breed winners. After competing in these competitions, your dog has a shot at Best in Show.

What Are Judges Looking For?

It helps to understand what judges are looking for at shows. Your pet is not competing against other dogs, but against an ideal look. Kennel clubs and dog shows are built on standards. They have an ideal concept of what the best breed should look like in every category. These organizations have written descriptions for every breed's function and appearance.

Get Your Dog Coat's In Excellent Condition

If you want to make your pet a champion, then you need to invest in dog grooming. Preparation is key for becoming a top competitor. It starts with the fundamentals of grooming, which includes brushing, ear cleaning, trimming nails and bathing.

You need to start prepping your dog months in advance. This timeframe allows you to work with the trim that you want your dog to compete with. It allows you to make changes if necessary. Weekly bathing and conditioning also get your dog's coat in excellent shape before competing.

You can get critique of your pet from groomers and judges. It should be people that are respected and who you can send them pictures of your dog to critique. If you want to give your dog a chance in competitions, then the pet's coat should be clean as possible on competition day. Contact a company, like RABBIT1251, LLC, for more help